Weidong Wu

My principal research interests lie in the area of Computational Biology, Epigenomics and Deep Learning for Life Science


ME, Zhengzhou University (Biology and Medicine, 2021-now)
BE, Zhengzhou University (Software Engineering, 2017-2021)


Xia Xue$ , Weidong Wu$,.etc. The Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Pandemic: What the Virus is Expecting For? (Investing,Co first author,Current Bioinformatics IF: 4.85 )2023

W. Wu,Y. Wang, S. Xu and K. Yan. SFNN: Semantic Features Fusion Neural Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis. In CACRE 2020.

Ye, S., Li, C., Zhao, R., & Wu, W. NOAA-LSTM: A New Method of Dialect Identification. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Security (pp. 16-26). Springer, Cham. (2019, July)

Li,C., Li,H., Wang.,Y,Wu,W., et al. Multimodal driver emotion-assisted regulation method [P]. Henan Province, China:
CN111329498A, 2020-06-26.


Languages : Python, Java, English (Toefl:95), Chinese (Native)
Frameworks : Pytorch, Flask, Spring Boot
Package : Sklearn,Pandas, BioPython,Matplotlib
Others : Linux,Sql,Git